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  • ISBN 978-1439210765
  • Grassroots Press, 2009

  • ISBN: 3442467292
  • Goldmann (Deutschland), 2008


When Harry Garrett accepts a commission to paint a portrait of Lindsay and Michael Davenport, neither he nor his clients have any idea of the journey they are about to embark upon. The inspiration for a new film by Oscar-winning director Caroline Link (Nowhere in Africa, 2003), Aftermath is based on a true story of lives put profoundly asunder and of the power of the creative process to begin to put them back together again.

The film, A Year Ago in Winter, was an official selection of the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival and won Bavarian Film Awards for Best Director and Best Young Performer (Karoline Herfurth) in 2009.  It was also nominated for Best Picture of the Year in the German Film Awards of 2009 (the equivalent of the Oscars), as well as for Best Actor (Josef Bierbichler), Best Editing and Best Music.  It won the award for Best Music and a second place Silver Award for Best Picture.